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Off the coast of North-West Africa, with moderate climate, lush scenery, hilltop villages and levada-side walks, the Portuguese island of Madeira is an all-year-round destination. This ancient volcanic island celebrates its 600 years since its discovery. With beautiful landscape with cloud-shrouded toothy peaks and lush, plummeting valleys exuberant with greenery and its black and rocky beaches making Madeira Island the pearl of the Atlantic. In the capital Funchal, there are colonial restaurants, gardens, a bustling farmer’s market and a world charm with cobblestone roads and 16th century architecture amongst the new and modern. Madeira Lifestyle can help you find a house, apartment or land for those seeking their dream house and a place to call home. Whether is in the stylish city, in the lush mountains or the breathtaking coastline you are looking for – we will show you Madeira’s best parts and the most beautiful real estate properties in the region.